Meet Mr. Fish

Meet Mr Fish

Jeff Sandler, a.k.a. Mr. Fish

Jeff Sandler, a former President of the National Marine Educator’s Association, is known in 20 countries and throughout the USA as “Mr. Fish” of the award-winning “Mr. and Mrs. Fish Marine Education Program.” During the school year, Jeff and wife Deb (Mrs. Fish) traveled to elementary schools throughout the world teaching young students about life in the sea.

In the summer, Jeff and Deb ran Fish Camp, an educational ocean day camp at their Fish Building on the campus of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine.

Jeff is known for his wonderful sense of humor. Kids really connect with him! He is also a brilliant communicator, adept at taking complex marine concepts and simplifying them so they become easy-to-understand for young students.

As “Mr. Fish” he is a fun, dynamic educator with a charismatic presence who captivates audiences when he is on-stage or in the front of a large group. 

Jeff holds a graduate degree from Boston University where he taught environmental education while serving as Resident Director of Boston University’s Environmental Education Center at Sargent Camp in Peterborough, NH.

Jeff got his start teaching ocean science at Cape Cod National Seashore and is proud to have worked with Outward Bound, SURGE and Project Adventure back in the day.

A student of how life works in the sea, Jeff has always had a love of the ocean. As a young man he was a Lifeguard at Old Orchard Beach Maine, and a surfer. These days he relaxes by playing golf, cooking, and following the New England Patriots football team.


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