Elementary Schools

Mr and Mrs Fish at Elementary Schools

Mr. & Mrs. Fish will come to your school and perform highly educational, hour long assembly programs for the entire school.
Costuming themselves as a variety of sea creatures, Mr. & Mrs. Fish humorously act out life as it is in the sea. Audiences roar with laughter while gaining a wealth of ocean science learning.

Following the morning assembly program, schools can also elect to have Mr. and Mrs. Fish spend the rest of the day in the school visiting classrooms for follow-up presentations.

Whether you choose just the assembly program, or the assembly and the classroom follow-ups, an "Ocean Day" visit from Mr. and Mrs. Fish is a fantastic complement to your school's science curriculum. 
Elementary schools and families are Mr. and Mrs. Fishes' primary target audiences, although programs can be adapted to any age level. 
For more information, or to schedule a visit, please be sure to contact us!
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